Choir song display 2 lines

2 zeilige LED Liedanzeigen mit zeitgemäßer Technik

Unsere 2-zeilige Liedanzeigen sind mehr als der funktionelle Standard

As a supplement to the main displays you will find here the small choir displays for gallery and/or chancel.

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Small but nice – our 2-line choir ads

Despite the small size, the chro displays are equipped with the same technology as our main displays. The control takes place without time offset, parallel to the main displays via our internal WLAN system.

Due to our high-resolution matrix, we offer excellent reading quality even with a letter height of only 40 mm – 70 mm.

Technical data WLZ 1-40 WLZ 1-70
Lines 2 2
Reading distance 8 – 12 meters 15 – 20 meters
Dimensions L x W x D 17 x 17 x 3 cm 32 x 16 x 3 cm
Frame / blackboard paint white white
LEDs quantity 1.000 3.050
Display upper / lower / special characters no no
Automatic brightness control yes yes
RGB (colors adjustable) yes yes
Character / line 5 5

Included in delivery WLZ 1-40 WLZ 1-70
Radio transmitter / receiver yes yes
Wall mount yes yes
Mounting set yes yes
Power supply unit yes yes
Tablet no no
Software no no
Instruction manual no no

Your advantages

HIGH QUALITY LED CHURCH SONG DISPLAYS FROM THE PRO. Without any limitation in the representation.

Control parallel to the main displays without time delay

Display run BEFORE the service

Excellent readability due to high resolution LED matrix

Upper/lower case and special characters

Colors self adjustable

as a tripod solution with battery pack also suitable for listed buildings.

No WiFi / WLAN required on site

Reading distance available from 8 – 20 meters

LED indicator off WHITE

Unobtrusive, flat design

Maintenance free – NO additional costs


In addition to the small choir displays, you can also add as many 2-line song displays in other sizes to your main display.

5 Jahre Garantie

If no structural changes have to be made (power routing, etc.), you can also carry out the installation and commissioning yourself without any problems. In addition to detailed instructions, our hotline is also available by telephone for assistance. All displays are manufactured in our own production, so we can also guarantee you many years of competent after-sales support. We offer 5 years warranty on all products manufactured by us. For all components that we purchase to supplement your assembly/installation, the warranty/guarantee applies in accordance with the applicable legal requirements (currently 24 months).


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