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Battery set 2

Battery 90WH with charge level indicator, charger, adapter with connection cable for song display.

Suitable for: WLZ1-100 / WLZ 1-140 / WLZ 1-180, WLZ5-50 to WLZ5-110

  • Average power consumption
  • 10-line display 4A/5V 20W
  • 20% with loss 24W
  • Operating time >8 h (2 lines)
  • Finish: black or gray
  • Operating time > 3.5h (10 lines)

Practical expansion modules

Any number of extensions can be added without any problems. Expand your basic set for example with another choir display or another 2-line song display.

5 year guarantee

If no structural changes have to be made (power routing, etc.), you can also carry out the installation and commissioning yourself without any problems. In addition to detailed instructions, our hotline is also available by telephone for assistance. All displays are manufactured in our own production, so we can also guarantee you many years of competent after-sales support. We offer 5 years warranty on all products manufactured by us. For all components that we purchase to supplement your assembly/installation, the warranty/guarantee applies in accordance with the applicable legal requirements (currently 24 months).


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