Song display 10 lines

Model variations

10-line LED song displays with contemporary technology

Our song displays are equipped for the technology of the future, unrivaled in the variety of display and customization options.

Give your trust to unique, modern church technology, we will not disappoint you.

We offer high quality LED church song indicators in unique display technology with tablet/APP, smartphone or input device from our own production.

Operating our song display panels is as easy as making a phone call with your smartphone.

Give the future a chance – no restrictions in the display of numbers and letters. Apart from a power socket, you do not need any prerequisites on site.

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Here you can find the technical data of our song displays clearly arranged in a table:

Technical data WLZ 5-50 WLZ 5-70 WLZ 5-110
Lines 10 10 10
Reading distance 12 – 15 meters 20 – 25 meters 35 – 45 meters
Dimensions L x W x D 53 x 26 x 3 cm 96 x 32 x 3.5 cm 102 x 39 x 3,5 cm
Frame / blackboard paint white white white
LEDs quantity 8.000 12.288 24.500
Display upper / lower / special characters no yes yes
Automatic brightness control yes yes yes
RGB (colors adjustable) yes yes yes
Character / line 5 5 5

Included in delivery WLZ 5-50 WLZ 5-70 WLZ 5-110
Radio transmitter / receiver yes yes yes
Wall mount yes yes yes
Mounting set yes yes yes
Power supply unit yes yes yes
Tablet yes yes yes
Software yes yes yes
Instruction manual yes yes yes

High quality LED church song displays from professional. Without any limitation in the representation.

Large assortment, the optimal solution for every church room

Display run BEFORE the service

Worship services can be saved in advance

Excellent readability due to high resolution LED matrix

Upper/lower case and special characters

Colors self adjustable

No WiFi / WLAN required on site

Reading distance available from 15 – 70 meters

Unobtrusive, flat design also suitable for sophisticated church interiors

Special designs possible

optional battery pack e.g. for listed buildings

Maintenance free – NO additional costs

Practical expansion modules

Any number of extensions can be added without any problems. Expand your basic set for example with another choir display or another 2-line song display.

5 year guarantee

If no structural changes have to be made (power routing, etc.), you can also carry out the installation and commissioning yourself without any problems. In addition to detailed instructions, our hotline is also available by telephone for assistance. All displays are manufactured in our own production, so we can also guarantee you many years of competent after-sales support. We offer 5 years warranty on all products manufactured by us. For all components that we purchase to supplement your assembly/installation, the warranty/guarantee applies in accordance with the applicable legal requirements (currently 24 months).


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