2-line song display

Whether you want to use the display mobile (with battery pack and tripod) in a chapel or stationary to equip a church, our systems are modular and thus suitable for all applications.

10-line song display

The 10-line displays have been developed not only for large church halls. Rather, even smaller parishes take advantage of the many conveniences of a multi-line display, available in 3 sizes.

WFM 300 top class radio altar microphone

Wireless aesthetics for your altar. Combine among 2 microphone and 12 base colors the best appearance for you.

Mobile sound system

Our mobile sound systems offer you the highest degree of flexibility, easy handling and, of course, outstanding workmanship and sound quality. The Stage Pro with multimedia player, the procession system KM 200 – The sound miracle for your procession, the RoadRunner 16K and the ITEC Twin Box with versatile application possibilities.

Church technology from a professional

The power of space and sound. In close cooperation with the customer, we develop a concept that specifically meets the wishes, requirements and budget of the church congregation.

NEW in assortment

Operation optionally via tablet or INPUT DEVICE

To make it easier for you to switch from an older system to our modern technology, we now offer an input device as an alternative to the tablet. The touch display in the elegant wooden housing, is largely adapted to the classic acquisition systems in the user interface.

Take advantage of over 30 years of experience in sound reinforcement technology and the development of individual solutions.

From the design and installation of large basilicas to small mountain monasteries, each church space presents its own challenges. I rely on modern technology, high-quality products and our reliable in-house developments to achieve the optimal result for each room.

The greatest praise is not just the words, but the smiles on the faces of the users when the plant goes into operation for the first time.

Your Gerald Walkner with team
Engineer and technician with passion

Light, sound and emotion

Our senses carry our feelings. The better we perceive, the more we experience.

Constantly improving the tried and tested

Technology must not be conspicuous – it must work. We are constantly working on new, solutions and products to take your experience to new levels.

Comparable are only numbers

Each building is different. Each occasion has its own requirements. We want to make your wishes become reality. Advice, assortment and good performance.

Sustainability in the sign of the times

We focus on long-lasting quality. As far as possible, we integrate your existing products into our installations.

We set new standards in display technology for churches

So inconspicuous and yet so impressive.

Song number displays look back on a long history of development. Already in baroque buildings there were panels, usually with numbers made of paper or wood, which were put on prefabricated frames.

Song displays as light panels and/or segment displays gradually replaced the paper version.

Now the time has come to set new standards of technology. We release you from any restriction in the display of characters and numbers (upper/lower case – special characters) or colors. The input is done via modern media like tablet or with your own Android smartphone.

We guarantee exceptionally natural legibility of the font. Whether in the gallery or in the last row of pews; even people with impaired vision can now recognize and interpret the depictions without any problems.

To the 2-line song displaysTo the 10-line song displays

Church sound system

The power of space and sound

The perfect surround sound is not decided by the selection of a loudspeaker. It is created as a complex composition of experience, high-quality components and modern controls.

The heart of the church sound system are our control systems from our own development and production, which are exactly adapted to your requirements. Whether you prefer an analog control panel or a modern touch panel, the sound experience is not affected.

As far as possible, we also integrate existing components into the new installation.

To the church sound system

You will find our satisfied customers all over europe.

We take our time and bring our experience to each of your projects. Our customers appreciate both the quality of our products and the impressive performance of the individual components. The interplay of concept and individual adaptation to the circumstances creates exactly the effect you want.

Our partners help you directly on site and ensure a smooth, time-saving process.

To the reference projectsFind your partner near you here!

Monastery of the Order of the Cross – St.Petersberg Castle , Silz/Tyrol

St.Peter and Paul, Freising/Neustift

Holy Spirit Church Vellmar, Fulda

Collegiate church, Mattsee


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