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Evang. Luth. Garden Church, St. Mary’s Hanover

Equipped with:

The parish of the Garden Church was founded in 1746 as the first parish outside the city walls for the inhabitants of the garden quarters.

The nave of the church consists of two bays with six-part ribbed vaults. The retaining walls, which are drawn inward, are provided with passages and connected to the church interior by four pointed-arch arcades each. Thus, narrow, flat-roofed side aisles used as corridors are formed behind it, above which the side galleries are located. The transept galleries, each resting over your tripartite arch, are correspondingly wider. The altar and pulpit can be seen from any seat due to this arrangement.

We would like to thank Mr. Yannick Bode, who provided us with the pictures.

Catholic Parish Church of St. Wolfgang, Regensburg

Equipped with:

The parish church of St. Wolfgang is an expressionist church building from 1937/1939 and at its time one of the first modern church buildings in Bavaria.

The church is a central building on the ground plan of a Greek cross, with a room height of 23.7 m.

Seen from any side, the massive cross shape of the Wolfgangskirche catches the eye, which can be understood as the actual message of the building.

A special thanks to the church musician, Mr. Engler, who provided us with the pictures after commissioning has put.

Collegiate church, Mattsee

Equipped with:

  • 2 x WLZ 1-100 2-line song display
  • 1 x WLZ 1-70 choir display
  • VESA 1 standard mounts

Mattsee Abbey is a former Benedictine monastery, which is the fourth church building on the same site of the founding church from the 8th century. The original gothic building was decorated with stucco and frescoes in baroque style at the beginning of the 18th century. The choir stalls date from about 1650, the high altar from about 1730. The collegiate church with the adjoining buildings is one of the sights in the province of Salzburg. We were allowed to equip this special Gothic and Baroque architectural style with our 2-line song displays.

Holy Spirit Church, Vellmar

Equipped with:

  • 2 x WLZ 1-180 2-line song display
  • VESA 1 standard mounts

The assembly and commissioning was done by the members of the church community. Using the VESA 1 standard mount, 2 x WLZ 1-180 were mounted at right angles. We thank the parish for the kind permission to present the project.

The Holy Spirit Church, consecrated in 1977, seats approximately 350 in five pew groups. The sanctuary with altar, bronze ambo and baptismal font is dominated by a 1.80 m wide and high cross with rock crystals arranged in its circular interior.

The altar cross was designed by Max Walter, as were the altar, the tabernacle, the ambo and the baptismal font. On the right side of the church is the organ installed in 1989. Next to it is a small Marian altar with a figure of the Virgin Mary cast in bronze and sculpted by Max Walter with the Child Jesus. On the left side of the church there is a passion wall created by Paul Brandenburg in 2002. The Old and New Testaments are depicted on the stained glass windows designed by Agnes Mann.

St.Peter and Paul, Freising/Neustift

Equipped with:

  • 1 x WLZ 1-180 2-line song display
  • 1 x WLZ 1-100 2-line song display
  • electric wall swivel mount

We thank you for your trust and good cooperation in planning the appropriate song displays. One of the most beautiful rococo churches in Upper Bavaria. The parish church of St. Peter and Paul in the Neustift district of the district town of Freising in Bavaria is the former monastery church of the Premonstratensian monastery of Neustift, which was secularized in 1803 and whose church became the parish church. It is considered one of the most beautiful rococo churches in Bavaria and is a protected building in the list of Freising monuments.

Parish Church of St. Francis Xaverius, Thyrnau

Equipped with:

  • 2 x WLZ 1-140 2-line song display
  • electric wall swivel mount

Planning and installation was carried out by our sales partner VSH Medientechnik Furtner GmbH & Co. KG

From the pilgrims’ offerings, the parish church of St. Francis Xavier and the parish courtyard were built between 1765 and 1769. Since both the chapel and the neighboring parish church had only a small tower, a tower was initially planned between the church and the rectory, but in 1891 the church administration applied for a tower to be built on the Loreto Chapel. This began in the summer of 1893 according to the plans of the Bauamtsassessor Schildbauer in the neo-Baroque style and was completed in 1894. The bell house under the tower was converted into a chapel in 1895. It contains a Lourdes grotto and a representation of the stigmatization of St. Francis of Assisi. In 1973, the weathered weather Madonna on the roof was replaced with a faithful replica. Source:

Benedictine Abbey of St.Mauritius, Tholey

Equipped with:

  • 4 x WLZ 1-140 2-line song display
  • VESA 1 standard mounts

Our sales partner, Klein Beschallungstechnik, Cologne was commissioned with the planning and commissioning of new song displays in the course of the renovation.

The abbey is considered the oldest monastery on German soil and was first mentioned in documents in 634 AD. Today’s early Gothic abbey church from the 13th century is one of the oldest Gothic churches in Germany. The abbey church is under the patrocinium of St. Maurice. The patron saint’s day of the abbey church is September 22. The current Latin motto of the abbey is “fides cum benignitate” (“faith and humanity”). Source:

Corpus Christi, Nuremberg-Herpersdorf

Equipped with:

  • 2 x WLZ 1-100 2-line song display
  • VESA 1 standard mount

Special feature: The song displays were mounted with the multi-pivoting VESA 1 standard mount and placed at right angles to each other. This provides legibility for both the altar area and the congregation.

With the help of the Bonifatius Werk, the modern church building Corpus Christi was realized. The inauguration took place in 1983. Assembly and commissioning was done by dedicated members of the church community, in particular we would like to thank Mr.Engert, who provided us with the pictures of the interior.


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